More About MathByExample

MathByExample offers a wide variety of practice assignments that align with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics for Grades 4 and Grades 5. Developed collaboratively with teachers, researchers, coaches and math experts, MathByExample requires minimal preparation and has shown promise in improving student math learning in prior studies. 

Each assignment:  

  • Supports Common Core Practice and Content Standards 
  • Takes 15-20 minutes to complete 
  • Works flexibly with a wide range of curricula. 

Assignments are grouped into “units” for organizational purposes, but individual assignments can be used in any order. You may use any other materials you would normally use and/or replace other practice worksheets with the MathByExample assignments. Assignments are generally designed to take approximately 15-20 minutes but you may decide to use an assignment over two days or to use multiple assignments in one day. There may be weeks where none of the assignments align to what you’re teaching, but other weeks when many of the assignments will fit well. MathByExample is designed to flexibly fit into your classroom without changes to the content you teach. 

You may use individual assignments in various ways throughout the year. Some examples are: 

  • Warm-up / do now 
  • Exit ticket 
  • Homework 
  • During centers or tutoring
  • Formative assessment 
  • Review before a unit test (or standardized testing) 

You may decide to have students work on the assignments:

  • Independently 
  • With partners
  • In groups 

We encourage you to review the assignments with your class after the students have finished to provide further opportunities for students to process and discuss the targeted concepts and common errors!

Learn more at the MathByExample website.

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